A Day In The Wellness Program

While each guest has a tailored program that is individually developed, a typical day at The Banyans often starts out with some personal exercise either in the gym, around the grounds, or with a swim in the pool. The Banyans Health and Wellness is LGBTQI-friendly and has adequate disability access throughout the property.

With so many quiet places to relax in peace, you can greet the morning and breathe in the clean air and beautiful views from a number of private locations. A morning tea, coffee or fresh juice is brought to guests in their rooms or at their preferred morning contemplation area.

Breakfast is an opportunity to fuel your body with personally designed nutrition. Your needs and preferences are both taken into account so you enjoy what is good for you.

Personal training and martial arts programs facilitate the body’s journey towards wellness, and these are complemented by bush walks and country runs on different days. You may end your outdoor activities with a gourmet picnic lunch or morning tea at a secluded yacht club. If you want to explore kayaking, this is another fun way you can build your physical strength. Our personal trainers can help you develop physical stamina and meet your fitness goals with encouragement and constant support.

When returning to the residence, guests benefit from therapeutic modalities selected for their own healing journey. Our psychologists coordinate with our psychiatrist and equine therapists to schedule your transformational experience with our horses Cracker, George, and miniature horse Sparkle who revel in the opportunity to spend time with guests in our specially designed equine arena.

Your therapist will conduct individual therapy session in our therapy room using a range of different therapy types. With no group therapy, your privacy is assured and you can feel comfortable that your confidentiality is our priority. Focus points for your bespoke wellness program include personal life coaching, emotional health, discovering freedom from dependency, recovery from past traumas, stress management techniques and relationship dynamics and healing.

Nutritionist consultations, nurse observations and doctor home visits are facilitated as keeping track of your healing journey is a valuable aspect of your care program.

By lunch time, fresh local produce will be prepared to nourish your body. Lunch is not only delicious, but educational so that you can learn what to look for and what to buy when preparing meals. Experience your very own ‘chefs table’ as you share a meal with our chefs and they can explain the way your meal was prepared and provide coaching about the benefits of nutrient dense, local food.

Afternoon yoga assists with grounding and peace of mind. Our yoga therapists provide you with an opportunity to connect the body and mind and are adept at tailoring the session for your requirements. The health benefits of yoga are many and contributes to physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

A short chauffeur ride then conveys you to an internationally award-winning spa, where massage, beauty therapy, steam treatments and more await. Massages assist with pain relief as well as helping to promote sleep hygiene. Return to the residence feeling nurtured and calm. Afternoon relaxation is complete with fireside reading in cooler months, or on warmer days, swimming or reading by the pool. Our library has a range of fiction and educational books, and you will be provided with a recommended reading list by our psychologist.

Tantalising dinners are prepared by executive chefs, with each guest having their particular nutritional needs met with individually tailored menus. Dinner might be served by the dining room fireplace in winter, or outside by the pool on warmer evenings, with views across to the ocean and islands beyond. Cuisine featuring selected fresh produce from local farms is lovingly prepared for your enjoyment and benefit.

As the sun sets, The Banyans Wellness Residence provides the opportunity to share in a tasteful movie in the theatre, catching up on the end of the day’s television news in the living room, or a quiet game and chat with one of our wellness coaches.

From time to time our wellness masterclasses provide the opportunity to hear from encouraging speakers and trainers backed up with select TED talks available anytime through the in-house television broadcast available in every room so you can develop all areas of your wellness.

As you turn in for the night, you can choose your sleeping temperature with individually controlled reverse cycle air conditioners. You will rest well know that staff are always on hand and can assist you at any stage. Many of our guests tell us they have the best sleep of their lives at our Wellness Residence.

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