Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse

Alcoholism or alcohol dependence is a severe condition calling for sustained assistance and treatment. Those individuals who depend on alcoholic beverages experience:

  • a craving for alcoholic beverages;
  • a loss of control over their drinking;
  • withdrawal signs and symptoms when they are not consuming alcohol; and
  • an enhanced tolerance to alcohol so that they have to drink more to obtain the exact same impact.

Alcohol dependence is largely thought of as a progressive disorder characterised by a powerful need to drink despite indisputable problems associated with continued usage.

Similar to drug dependence, dependence on alcohol is a significant health trouble potentially causing degrading performance, consisting of issues relating to relatives, and chronic illness like cirrhosis of the liver. Families and friends are often detrimentally affected by the degrading functioning of an impacted family member and if left with no treatment, alcoholism can eventually lead to early mortality. In looking for treatment, please bear in mind that medical supervision is necessary in detox situations where a person has been intensely dependent on alcohol consumption for some time.

Ways The Banyans Helps Alcoholism and Alcoholic Abuse

In addition to addressing the actual dependency in regards to the practice, the routine, the ritual or the automatic response, we will also work with you and show you how you can identify and manage the troubles beneath the surface. At The Banyans, we:

help you understand what is driving you to use alcohol;

collaborate with you to address these underlying issues;

build you up and encourage you with an understanding that not only are your concerns manageable but that alcoholic beverages is not a needed or even helpful strategy;

offer you the methods to experience a happy and fulfilling way of life without having alcohol and its devastating consequences.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment at Our Holistic Rehab Centre

Prolonged use of alcohol and alcoholism can be physically damaging and can profoundly influence the way you view the world. Initial therapy needs to be medically supervised as there certainly are serious hazards related to abrupt withdrawals from drinking alcohol.

When withdrawals are stabilised prior to arriving at the wellness centre, personal training, body work and complementary therapy treatments help to strengthen the body while intense psychotherapy and other reflective therapies help to strengthen awareness of the underlying issues behind the urge to consume alcohol. As clarity comes back, an enthusiastic engagement through a new life is fostered by increasing fun activities and discovering new abilities through music therapy.

The Banyan’s strategy is truly holistic, uniting your mind, body and your deepest self into alignment and harmony, but notably, at the best pace and using the most appropriate therapy treatments at the correct time.

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