Burnout – Exactly What Is Burnout and How It Impacts Individuals

Burnout is an anxiety disorder including long-term exhaustion and reduced interest in daily life.

It is a state of emotional, psychological and physical fatigue caused by excessive and extended tension. It occurs when somebody feels overloaded and not able to fulfil the consistent needs they face. As their tension continues, they start to lose the interest or motivation which led them to take on a specific function in the first place.

Burnout lowers a person’s efficiency and saps their energy, leaving them feeling progressively powerless, hopeless, cynical, angry and resentful. Ultimately, they may feel as if they have nothing more to offer.

Most of us have days when we feel bored, overloaded, or unappreciated, not to mention unrewarded. If someone feels like this most of the time, they might be experiencing burnout

Signs of Burnout

The different symptoms of burnout may consist of:

  • A desire to get away
  • Inner emptiness
  • Increased indecisiveness
  • Erratic or incongruent emotions
  • An indifferent (” do not care”) mindset
  • Sensations of lacking control over your life
  • Decreased motivation, including decreased social interest
  • Decreased desire for things you used to desire, including food, sex or entertainment
  • Physical issues, including heart palpitations, persistent or remaining sicknesses, chest discomforts,
  • hurting or allergic reactions
  • Depression
  • Anger
  • Anxiety attack
  • Increased usage of alcohol or other drugs

What Is Stress and How Does It Cause Burnout?

The tension which an individual feels arise from how they respond to the life stress factors they experience. Stress factors consist of issues at work, unemployment, monetary troubles, arguments, a heavy work or the loss of a loved one. Everyone responds to such stress factors differently, which discusses why various levels of stress are experienced by various individuals who come across the same situation. How that stress is processed identifies just how much stress each particular person feels and how close they are to burnout. Someone might experience very few stress factors but fail to process them well, which can result in burnout. Another person might experience an enormous amount of stressors but procedure each of them in a healthy manner and not feel a high level of stress or experience burnout.

Stress is not the like burnout, but burnout originates from tension. When someone experiences a set of stressors and fails to process them in a healthy way, they experience a high level of tension which grows with each new stressful experience. If somebody continues to experience tension and cannot process it correctly, they are on the path to burnout. Burnout is commonly come across in the workplace, but it can be experienced by anybody and in any situation. It exists when a person is not able to work properly when they have no more physical, emotional or nervous energy left.

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