Pain Management

Chronic pain is pain which is experienced beyond brief episodes and which continues for longer than expected when healing from typical injuries or disease. Persistent pain can arise from injuries, illness or reactions to environmental or psychological stressors however diagnosis is often made complex by the subjective nature of the condition, and the role of the mind in keeping the experience of pain.

Conventional medical treatment alone is restricted in dealing with persistent pain as it is normally experienced as more than simply a physical sign. Other repercussions consist of depression and anxiety, decreased concentration, and decreased performance in work and social relations, all which contribute to a typically lessened lifestyle.

This is where a holistic treatment approach can assist – how you view and relate to pain is just as vital as the experience of the pain itself.

Chronic Pain Treatment

At The Banyans, complementary therapies are skillfully incorporated into the treatment strategy to assist to alleviate suffering and to support clients to get mastery over their regular reactions to their chronic pain symptoms. Notably, psychotherapy remains an important component of treatment, making sure any cognitive distortions or stress and anxiety and depression are appropriately attended to.

One of the significant problems associated with chronic pain is inadvertent addictions to pain relievers. Without correct management, sufferers of chronic pain end up relying on a number of high dosages of painkillers with diminishing relief. Not only do they wind up experiencing pain but also from dependency to strong pharmaceutical drugs. This is generally the point at which more extensive and proficient management is needed.

At The Banyans, we consider chronic pain from a biopsychosocial point of view, where in addition to medical evaluation of any possible natural causes, multi-disciplinary pain management strategies are checked out in addition to mental evaluations and an examination of the social factors connected with the condition.

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If you struggle with persistent pain or addiction to pain relievers as an outcome of prolonged pain, contact us to discover how we can assist. A combination of detox and an intensive residential stay is often recommended.

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