Pain Management

Pain management is a speciality at The Banyans Health and Wellness rehab retreat with our Medical Director. As a Pain Management specialist, Dr Christian Rowan provides professional expertise and supervision. Dr Rowan is an Addiction Medicine Specialist with a strong associated interest in Pain Management. He is a Visiting Medical Officer to the St Andrew’s Multidisciplinary Pain Service and also to the Wesley Rehabilitation Centre’s Pain and Back Rehabilitation Programs.

It is thought that 1 in 5 Australians experience chronic pain conditions. The Australian Pain Management Association defines chronic pain as when it ‘persists beyond the normal healing time of about three months.’ Chronic pain is also referred to as persistent pain, and can arise from changes to the nervous systems, acute pain episodes and even genetics. Chronic pain can negatively impact mental health and significantly impair physical health, affect work performance and detract from social health so treatment by qualified professionals is important.  Biopsychosocial support is as important as medical support, which is why the integrated programs at The Banyans provide the best choice for private pain rehab retreats.

Chronic Pain Treatment

In addition to the professional expertise of our Medical Director, pain treatment programs at The Banyans include biopsychosocial care.

This integrated approach helps to provide strategies to not only alleviate physical pain but to also support mental and emotional health. Where there is associated stress, anxiety or depression the multidisciplinary team of experts provide holistic care and support. An exercise physiologist can assess what physical therapies are suitable and develop a tailored program. An accessible suite on the ground floor is helpful for those who struggle with stairs.

Knowing that chronic pain can also result in unintended addiction to pain killers or other prescription drugs, our team can provide caring and safe medical supervision. If painkiller dependency has developed, and a medically supported detox is required, this will be assessed and provided.

The Banyans provides the premiere private rehab for chronic pain.

Receive Treatment at The Banyans Luxury Wellness Retreat

If you struggle with persistent pain or addiction to pain relievers as an outcome of prolonged pain, contact us to discover why The Banyans is the best private rehab. A combination of detox and an intensive residential stay is often recommended, assessed on a case by case basis.

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