Depression refers to a series of conditions associated with debilitating unhappiness, despondence, sleepiness and increased risk of physical health problems.

Although some individuals think depression is just a feeling of being “very sad”, depression can be highly disabling and is more common than many think. It is thought that at least one in five people will experience depression in their lifetime. These figures do not begin to cover those who are depressed and haven’t sought treatment, nor does it cover people who are undiagnosed. It is for this reason that depression is considered rather common.

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There are a few different types of depression and for that reason various treatments are available.

Typical symptoms related to depression

If you experience any of the following, you might have symptoms of depression:

  • Consistent low mood;
  • Social withdrawal;
  • Withdrawal from work and/or studies;
  • Irritability and aggravation;
  • A high level of sensitivity to criticism;
  • Sleeping disorders and sleep disturbances;
  • Loss of interest in what was once enjoyable past times;
  • Slowing down of ideas and actions;
  • Increased somatic problems– fatigue, pain etc;
  • Being negligent or taking unnecessary threats (e.g. driving at fast speeds or alarmingly); and
  • Increasing drug and alcohol usage.

As depression can aggravate a person and their well-being if left neglected, it is necessary for the condition to be effectively assessed. Normally expert treatment is recommended if a depressive condition is severe, chronic, related to self-harm, or has failed to respond to initial treatment.

Depression Treatment

At The Banyans, we deal with depression in an integrated, holistic manner including input from doctors, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, nutritionists and complementary health professionals. Your treatment is distinctively customised to your requirements and we will work collaboratively with any of your existing treating health specialists to make sure continuity of care.

Importantly, all the treatment elements in your program are coordinated and paced to your changing requirements.

While medical supervision is unquestionably needed, we likewise promote making use of natural therapies, nutrition, workout and healthy self-care. Strong evidence is showing that regular exercise can be extremely helpful, as can the use of complementary therapies. Depression also reacts well to naturopathic intervention.

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