If you have been feeling overloaded by the digital world, it’s with good reason.

A recent ABC report reveals that psychologists estimate the average person consumes 174 newspapers’ worth of information a day. The difficulties of managing so much information are well known, and the resulting distraction and difficulty focusing are being increasingly experienced by many professionals.

Researchers from Stanford University, California, compared the performance of ‘heavy’ or ‘light’ multi-taskers in a series of mental tests. The report in the journal, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that heavy multi-taskers had greater difficult filtering irrelevant information and found it more difficult to switch from one task to another, resulting in reduced performance.

Business News Daily reported the danger of digital overload as far back as 2010, citing research that estimated this caused economic losses of $900 billion a year.

The idea of regaining control over digital overload is growing in popularity as people realise the need to refocus and recalibrate in order to boost their mental and emotional wellness and increase their performance.

Three tips to regain control

  1. Digital tools

One way to regain control over digital overload is to use digital tools. Harvard Business Review has an interview with Alexandra Samuel, an online engagement expert and author of Work Smarter with Social Media, and discusses recommended tools for regaining control over unruly digital. You can access the report to read his recommendations.

  1. Digital downtime

Reducing screen time can be as simple as scheduling screen free time and sticking to it. Deciding to limit digital use between 8pm and 6am, for instance, will assist the body and mind to wind down and prepare for sleep. While a 24/7 world, where smart devices abound, can make boundaries between work and home difficult to navigate so thinking through areas of your home which could remain digital free zones can assist with work life balance.

  1. Digital detox

The somewhat addictive nature of digital tools, social media and FOMO (fear of missing out) can become a compulsion, or simply end up out of balance. That is where a digital detox can help recalibrate thinking and focus, and allow a cluttered heart to breathe. A digital detox once a month can help keep you mentally and emotionally healthy. Within the overall Wellness plan, The Banyans also provides digital detox experiences which allow you to emerge again in a position of strength and focus. Not only will this allow you to contribute your best to the people around you, but will also allow you to perform at higher levels in areas of creative thinking and strategic insight within the workplace.

Digital detox is available during residence at The Banyans. Designed for integrated restoration, and with an expert team of therapists, health practitioners and wellness coaches, The Banyans Health and Wellness Residence is a place where body and soul prosper in an environment of rest, wellness and inspired living.

Call us now on 1300 BANYAN (1300 226 926) or email welcome@thebanyans.com.au for a confidential discussion about how you or someone you care about can benefit from The Banyans.

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