Eating Disorders

At The Banyans, we provide expert treatment for eating conditions including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating conditions and other eating disorders not otherwise defined. We likewise work with individuals who are seeking treatment for weight problems and general overindulging.

As irregularities in eating and weight control behaviours are potentially hazardous and lethal, The Banyans will constantly perform a comprehensive assessment to ensure that any resident looking for treatment for eating disorders or weight problems will be appropriately supported.

A full medical team will work carefully with our eating disorder professionals, nutritionists and coaches to make sure that a collaborated response is constantly available.

Our technique to eating disorders is person-centred, flexible and supportive. We do not excuse a ‘boot camp’ approach, nor do we support forced feeding in the case of anorexia, unless in a medical emergency situation. For this factor, a client should be ready to seek treatment and be open to our assistance. For those customers who are seriously underweight, approval from their treating physicians must be obtained prior to approval of the program.

If you are looking for help with an eating condition, feel confident that we will collaborate with you in treatment. We think about trust and our relationship to be essential aspects in the treatment of eating conditions and we will assist you to ensure that the treatment advances at an appropriate and comfortable speed.

Our Holistic Method of Treating Eating Disorders

In line with our total treatment approach, treatment for eating disorders at The Banyans will be separately customised and coordinated with medical care. The care group will be carefully chosen to ensure that the client feels safe, nurtured and appreciated. We will make sure to develop a relaxing, tranquil and comfortable house environment and we will include members of the family and loved ones in the program as needed.

Our treatment method will be stepped – first to ensure that your health is brought back and medical crises are stabilised (in the case where a customer is anorexic); second to take part in multidisciplinary corrective therapies including dietary rehab, behaviour relearning and supported eating strategies and third, to assist the client to recognize much better methods to cope and handle dysfunctional cognitions and feelings. Often, high anxiety and depression exist side-by-side with eating disorders. We will likewise offer education about your condition and aid you in cultivating much healthier lifestyle choices, remembering the requirement for ongoing support when you leave our program.

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