Why “The Banyans”?

Banyan trees are remarkable, putting down new roots throughout their lives which serve to strengthen them through the storms they endure.  The national tree of India, a Banyan is known for providing shelter and rest, as well as having a wide range of medicinal uses. Each of these attributes are meaningful as people find recovery through the services of The Banyans Health and Wellness.

The Banyans Health and Wellness

Bringing together more than 100 years’ experience in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction, medical and mental health treatment and wellbeing services, the Banyans Health and Wellness was formed to provide a range of health services including an excellent recovery program in a supportive environment.  With a group of trusted and like-minded professionals who shared the vision for a unique, safe, and luxurious environment for individuals seeking help, The Banyans Health and Wellness sets a new standard in medically informed integrated rehabilitation and recovery.

Drawing on many years of experience in a long-serving addiction and mental health charity in the west, The Banyans Health and Wellness was structured as a social enterprise. With a vision to help people experience fullness of life, and with values of care, respect and joy, The Banyans Health and Wellness formed new referral and medical partnerships on the east coast of Australia and commenced its Queensland-based luxury Wellness Residence. Our unique social enterprise structure allows guests to experience the very best in luxury support at The Banyans Wellness Residence, while also providing resources for those in need to access related charity services.

Passionate about removing the shame that is often felt by those who have experienced addiction or mental health challenges, The Banyans Health and Wellness also works in awareness and education, providing presentations on employee or community health and wellbeing. Contact us if you would like to find out more about one of our team conducting a presentation in your workplace or community group. Inquire about a presentation.