Jarrod Huey

Executive Chef

Jarrod is a highly accomplished chef and is the Executive Chef at The Banyans. Jarrod’s experience includes Isis Brasserie, a multi-award winning fine dining restaurant in Australia and The Ledbury, a Michelin starred restaurant in Notting Hill, London.

Working in the world’s best restaurants, Jarrod developed extensive skills in a range of cuisine. This included everything from sauces, soups, pastry and desserts, right through to being schooled in the art of butchery and fish mongering.

Jarrod returned to Australia, beckoned by the specialty coffee and café culture, and embraced food as medicine. Jarrod’s philosophy is centred on whole food, locally grown and sustainably sourced, and is informed by a commitment to local farmers and the implementation of zero waste methods.

As the Executive Chef at The Banyans, Jarrod serves delicious, nutritious cuisine in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.  Passionate about passing on knowledge and enjoyment, Jarrod can provide personal coaching to help guests of The Banyans develop cooking skills for personal enjoyment and health.