Lisa Cutforth


Lisa is the nutritionist at The Banyans. Lisa is highly qualified in her field, holding a Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Nutrition and Psychology, a Graduate Diploma in Neuroscience, a certificate in Cordon Bleu cookery, and an Advanced Diploma in Neuroscience Leadership. She has been practicing as a nutritionist for the last ten years, and has lectured at a Brisbane university on ‘Nutrition through the Lifespan’ and ‘Food as Medicine’.

Lisa is passionate about individual nutrition and has seen the evidence that there is no one size fits all diet solution for optimal health.

Lisa works with each guest to build a complete profile of their current nutrition status and dietary preferences. She then is able to create a personalised program to meet their dietary needs.

Lisa uses a series of specialist tests to accurately assess a guest’s nutrition status. Tests explore guests biochemistry, allergy and food sensitivities, DNA, brain chemistry, liver function, heart health, inflammatory markers, blood nutrient levels, gut flora and gut health. This ensures that The Banyans is able to create a personalised nutrition plan, highly tailored to meet the health and nutrition needs. Nutritional imbalances will manifest in a variety of physical symptoms, affecting energy levels, performance, mood, ability to cope with stress, general health and cravings.

The chef at the Banyans is then updated with nutritional information to make sure that each guest’s needs and preferences are met throughout their stay at The Banyans.

Our nutrition therapy and education approach is designed to meet the following goals:

  • identify and rectify deficiencies
  • identify genetic strengths and vulnerabilities relevant to diet
  • investigate food sensitivities and allergies
  • heal and nourish the body damaged by alcohol or substance abuse
  • stabilize mood and reduce stress
  • reduce cravings;
  • address conditions and symptoms that are co-occurring or have resulted from substance abuse or may have contributed to it
  • help to support a healthy relationship with food
  • encourage self-care and a healthy lifestyle

Guests are also supported beyond their stay as Lisa works closely with the guests to ensure they are prepared with a nutritional maintenance plan on departure.