Lisa Cutforth


Lisa is the Nutritionist at The Banyans and supports each guest to achieve their wellness goals. Lisa assists each guest through nutritional assessments as part of their wellness plan.

Lisa is passionate about developing delicious, nutritious and sustainable food solutions. Every guest of The Banyans receives a personally designed menu, based on nutritional needs and personal preferences.  This menu is designed collaboratively by Lisa, and Jarrod Huey, the Executive Chef of The Banyans.

Lisa brings to The Banyans a passion for addressing health needs. She does this in the context of guest’s lives through a multidisciplinary approach that considers and addresses physiological, psychological and sociological needs.

Lisa completed her BSc.Hons in Nutrition and Psychology in Edinburgh and holds a certificate in Cordon Bleu cookery from London. Currently studying the Neuroscience of Leadership, Lisa also holds a certificate in Training and Assessing. Lisa also delivers Wellness Masterclasses on nutrition and the psychology of food and eating.