Invest in your future performance with a comprehensive wellness package.

Discover new keys to productivity and managing anxiety or other conditions in a private, luxury environment.

Designed for integrated support and restoration, and with an expert team of therapists, health practitioners and wellness coaches, The Banyans is a place where body and soul prosper in an environment of rest, wellness and inspired living.
  • Recharge your professional performance and personal relationships
  • Discover your personalised Nutritional Profile and how small changes can produce big results
  • Be nourished by nutrient rich, organic menus prepared by in-house chefs, tailored for your needs and tastes
  • Enjoy a positive and understanding environment where your success is our focus
  • Experience advanced results with our team of trusted professionals working together on your wellness
  • Rest and revive with individual luxury suites in a stunning residence providing library, gym, movie theatre, formal lounge, informal lounge, stunning outlooks, infinity pool and restful gardens
  • Invest in yourself and your future and experience what living well feels like at The Banyans Wellness Residence.And much more… Call today for a confidential conversation – 1300 272 363.

I stayed at the Banyans, and in my time there I was offered the highest quality of individualised services, which included a program that was tailored to my specific needs and goals.

I would like to thank the entire family of The Banyans. My journey has been life changing. The Banyans provided me with the perfect environment to rediscover my health, mental and emotional wellbeing and strength.

I have worked in the drug and alcohol treatment sector for a decade across various organisations, treatment centres, and boards. In my time working with The Banyans, they have stood out among all Australian centres in the AOD field that I have come across, most especially in terms of holistic care and valuing the dignity of each human person. I have witnessed the commitment and genuine concern they have given to all clients we have worked with together, whilst providing an outstanding service in a stunning facility and location.

I cannot speak highly enough of the staff at the Banyans. Their level of knowledge, experience, professionalism and confidentiality, teamed with great people skills, humour and sense of positivity and fun made my stay both a therapeutic and extremely enjoyable experience.

Along with working with The Banyans for several clients, I also had the privilege of spending two days at their main facility. During this stay I observed the treatment and service provided to current clients, and was able to participate and view several services that were on offer, including equine therapy and music therapy. The Banyans is a slice of heaven, offering respite and a place of healing, surrounded by beauty, elegance, and smiling faces. The food was absolutely incredible, I wanted to poach their chef. The entire team were warm, kind and professional.

I could not recommend The Banyans highly enough, especially for those seeking a highly confidential wellness retreat following a life crisis, or a re-start after a relapse. This truly is a place for interior healing. In my professional opinion, The Banyans has been and continues to be a spectacular service for high functioning individuals, seeking to resolve any emotional or mental health issues.

I leave with a sense of excitement for life ahead with the knowledge and skills I have gained. I am thankful that I came and the changes that I have progressed through and the guidance that I have been given to love a happy, healthy and productive life. I will hold the memories and values from my time here always. The Banyans is a life investment.

The design of the property with its breathtaking views from the mountain overlooking the water creates a real sense of peace and tranquility. You are shown to your spacious private room and ensuite which has luxury amenities and a beautiful view. You are treated to the most wonderful culinary creations from the two in house chefs who source the fresh food you eat every day from local producers close to the property. You will leave Banyans with new inspiration to create healthy, delicious food that is good for your body, mind and soul!

The Banyans have succeeded to create an environment that provides the services, security and privacy to fulfil all your therapeutic needs. They also have created a setting that encompasses warmth, nourishment, compassion and feels like a 'home away from home'- and that is truly special!

Restoration, Recovery and Rejuvenation

of the whole person

Discreet and

luxury accommodation

Personalised Packages

that provide for optimum health and wellbeing

Australian owned and operated

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About Us

In an environment of privacy and discretion, The Banyans provides a place to breathe, supporting and nurturing the best health and wellbeing of each guest.

Experience stunning, elevated views from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast within a luxurious, private and welcoming environment. We are proudly Australian owned and operated so you can be confident of the highest quality during your stay.

As a social enterprise, The Banyans proudly supports an affiliated charity which helps families with addictions and provides recovery services.

Member of the National Wellness Institute

The Banyans Wellness Approach

The Banyans embraces a comprehensive therapeutic framework of biopsychosocial care comprised of luxurious surroundings, an integrated wellness approach and the support of leading medical services. Your personalised wellness plan will provide for health and wellbeing, furthering restoration and rejuvenation of the whole person, particularly following experiences of stress, grief, pain, dependency or trauma.

We recognize that every person has unique motivations and requirements to reach optimum health and we are passionate about providing the very best platform and assistance for you to reach your wellness goals. Through an exclusive partnership, each guest of The Banyans accesses pre-arrival health and nutritional assessments and tailored treatment at a private clinic or hospital, before being privately chauffeured to The Banyans for up to forty days of inspired living.

On arrival at The Banyans, you are immersed in a welcoming and enriching therapeutic environment that provides the support and opportunity to recalibrate body, soul and spirit. In a luxury environment free of drugs and alcohol, you find the time and space to refocus on your health and wellbeing and rediscover your significance.

Our integrated approach provides you with


Bespoke wellness plans developed by our qualified staff, caring for the body, mind, soul and spirit through traditional and complementary treatments delivered by our multidisciplinary team.


Personally designed menus by our nutritionist and chef, nutritionally balanced and rich in organic, local and sustainable produce.


Individual mental and emotional wellness coaching plans developed by our fully trained staff, including addiction medicine specialists, psychologists, psychiatrists and counselors.


Access to a comprehensive range of therapeutic specialists including equine therapy, art and creativity classes and more.


Tailored exercise programs to promote flexibility, conditioning, positive energy and sleep hygiene.


Spa therapies with a range of daily and deluxe packages available through our exclusive partnership with Stephanies® Spas .


The rare opportunity for digital detox, decluttering the heart and mind, allowing a focus on wellbeing, increased focus and productivity.


Wellbeing masterclasses delivered by leading practitioners in the world of health, sports, business, wellness, motivation and humanitarian care.


Gourmet cooking tutorials with our qualified chef, learning the art of nourishing the body and soul.


Personal care and attention, with guest assistants and wellness coaches who support your day to day schedule and needs, providing a range of concierge services, coaching and caring attention.


Opportunities for spiritual reflection, drawing from the best of the Christian tradition of welcome, hospitality and respect for the intrinsic value and free will of each person.

Environmental care

Sourcing local, organic and sustainable produce, The Banyans supports local farmers and is implementing a low to zero waste approach through the expertise of Executive Chef Jarrod Huey.

Private luxury suites

Private luxury suites



Fresh local produce

Fresh local produce

Equine Assisted Therapy

Equine Assisted Therapy





The Banyans Team

With Australian qualified experts, The Banyans offers access to leading edge medical specialists, psychologists, psychiatrists and allied health team to support an integrated health and wellness approach.

Member of the National Wellness Institute 

Ruth Limkin


Peter Hayton

Senior Psychologist

Dr. Christian Rowan

Medical Director

Dr. Anja Kriegeskotten

Equine Therapist

Lisa Cutforth


Jarrod Huey

Executive Chef

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