Prescription drug dependency happens to people just like you.

Whether the person is your neighbour, your mother, the mate you play football with or a colleague at work, prescription drug dependency is an often overlooked health problem.

A powerful article, about how easy it is to develop an addition to prescription drugs, contains these words.

“I didn’t take pills to get high. I wasn’t out of control. I didn’t nod off and I wasn’t unable to take care of my children. Because of that, no one suspected me of being an addict. Why would anyone suspect me? I was a normal-looking, put-together, caring mother. Mothers aren’t “addicts”, are they? More and more often, we are.

I used my privilege to “pass.” My life as a stay-at-home mom was the perfect disguise. There are millions of us addicts disguised as regular people. We’re not all rock stars: We’re your neighbor or your sister. We’re in the pickup line, waiting for our kids. We’re on the PTA.

For years, I’ve known that my experience of motherhood has been defined by depression. But only recently have I realized that it has also been defined by addiction. I used to think that Percocet made me a better mother, that Ativan made mothering bearable. I am learning that I was wrong.

Addiction is exhausting. Every month, every week, I needed to hustle. I needed a plan to get my pills. No matter how big my stockpile was, there was never enough. Every few days I told myself I would quit; I swore every prescription would be my last, but I couldn’t do it. I would start to feel sick if I missed even one pill, let alone tried to stop for an entire day.”

You can read the rest of the article – “I’m A Stay At Home Mom. I’m a Person With a Substance Use Disorder.” on the American Society of Addiction Medicine website. Originally published by The Washington Post, it is a poignant reminder how dependencies develop, and how we can all support people who recognise they have a problem with prescription drugs. On this occasion, the author required support from family to take care of her children while she went to rehab and counselling for her recovery journey.

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