Three Tips for Surviving Dry July – and Thriving!

Dry July is a health and community initiative that invites participants to give up alcohol for the month of July and raise funds for cancer patients and their families and carers.

Within Australian society, alcohol is overwhelming considered a part of life, whether for celebrations, stress relief or just a social lubricant. To many, the idea of going without alcohol for a month can be a little intimidating or downright overwhelming.

So, the team at The Banyans put together a few tips to help Dry July participants survive and thrive during this month.


  1. Replace – don’t just remove

If you are used to drinking alcohol at every social occasion or at a particular time each day, don’t just remove the alcohol from that scenario as you can feel deprived and be tempted to ‘just have one’ which can sometimes turn into two or three. Instead, replace the alcohol you would usually have with something else.

Soda and lime, Cranberry juice, Pineapple Ginger Sparkler or many other options allow you to participate in social situations and reduce the feeling of deprivation.

Simply having a glass of something in your hand can also help prevent people from offering you an alcoholic drink, meaning you don’t have to say no as often. If you can stop feeling deprived and realise that there are different ways of approaching situations, you are more likely to feel able to achieve your goal of Dry July.

Here’s a few helpful links with replacement options during Dry July from the BBC and from Tablespoon.


  1. Recognise – intentionally notice the benefits 

Did you know how many calories are in alcohol? Seven calories a gram! Worse, calories from alcohol are ’empty calories’, meaning they have no nutritional value. A pint of cider can contain as many as five teaspoons of sugar. Alcohol also reduces the amount of fat your body burns for energy – so it’s no friend to your health goals.

Alcohol can also negatively alter blood sugar levels and can interrupt your sleep and prevent you from entering the deep sleep state, meaning you wake feeling tired and sluggish. (Find out more at DrinkAware).

During Dry July, be intentional about noticing how you feel when living alcohol free and how much more clarity you experience the morning after, let alone the night before. By noticing the physical benefits you feel from living alcohol free, you are more likely to be motivated to stick to your Dry July.

Of course, at The Banyans we understand that alcohol is often used to self-medicate anxiety, stress or depression so living alcohol free can mean you are more likely to be confronted with pain of an emotional or psychological nature. Now is a great time to resolve to address the underlying drivers of your alcohol consumption. Talk to your GP, find a great psychologist or reach out to a friend who can support you to find help.


  1. Reward – self-nurture in positive ways 

If you have made the positive step of living alcohol free for Dry July then you’ll likely be saving some money that you would normally have spent on often expensive drinks. Why not set that money aside and use it to spoil yourself in a healthy way?

You could get a massage, take a private art or music class, learn to scuba dive, book an executive coaching session or maybe even plan a weekend away. By rewarding yourself, you attach positive consequences to living alcohol free which can encourage you immensely!

Also, by learning to reward yourself in ways that don’t involve alcohol you can help to reset your expectations in relation to how you can celebrate. This is not only personally beneficial but can help role model healthy habits for those around you.

Happy Dry July! We’d love to hear how your month of living alcohol free helped you -email us at


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